Monday, June 1, 2009

Group Discussion Questions for "Breathe"

1. Have you ever endured a life-threatening illness or been close to
someone who has? What was that experience like? What did it
teach you?

2. Are you afraid of death? Why or why not? What would be the
hardest part about saying good-bye to loved ones? What would
bring you comfort?

3. Do you think you could have survived in the 1880s? What
would you miss the most: Internet, television, or a washer/

4. If you are a woman, how would you deal with the traditional role
of women in that era? Would that be a comfort or chafe?

5. In this time, people left family behind to move West, and often
never saw them again. If it meant never seeing your extended
family again, would you have moved to have a chance at prosperity
or health? Why or why not?

6. Odessa comes through a lot to regain her health. Had you been
in her shoes, would you risk your life to get to the bottom of the
mystery? Or would you have walked away?

7. Do you believe the length of your life is preordained? Why or
why not?

8. Discuss how you trust God—or don’t—day to day. Think of a
concrete example or way you’ve trusted—or didn’t—in the last

9. Why do you think this book is titled Breathe? Think beyond the
physical aspect.

10. Which character are you most interested in hearing more about
in books two and three in this series, and why?

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