Monday, June 29, 2009

Discussion Questions for "Crossing the Lines"

Use these questions to discuss Crossing the Lines in a reading group or simply to explore the story from a new perspective.

1. Describe the emotional “ride” you took as you read Crossing the Lines. What surprised you most as you read the story?

2. In what ways did you identify with Jack? With Rose Marie? Chris?

3. How did the story inspire you? Challenge you?

4. What about the characters or story made you angry or upset?

5. Although the novel is fiction, it’s based on true events and real people. How does this impact your reaction to Crossing the Lines?

6. How did the main characters grow as the story progressed? Who grew the most? What were the events that prompted that growth?

7. Which of the iconic characters in the novel did you find most compelling? According to the novel, what are some of the lasting effects of their influence? How does this compare to what you know of their actual stories?

8. What was your reaction to the ending of the story?

9. How did this story affect your view of the South during that turbulent time?

10. In what ways (if any) has this story changed you?

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