Monday, June 14, 2010

A Chat with Lisa T. Bergren

Q: How did it feel to wrap up this series?

A: Very gratifying. These characters have gone through so much, I was eager to see them through to a sense of peace. I got all teary with Nic and Moira in several scenes, which is always a good thing. If I’m moved, hopefully my readers will be too. But then, these days, I cry during commercials and Extreme Home Makeover. I swear that by the time I’m sixty, I’ll just have to be tucking a handkerchief in my bra like my granny used to.…

Q: Odessa and Bryce really take a backseat in this novel. Why did you not write more about them?

A: In my first draft, they actually had a stronger presence in the first third of the book. But their scenes felt flat against all that was happening for Moira and Nic. I decided that in my mind, they were really on a good track now—that the focus really had to be on getting my two prodigals back home. And I think there was more than enough to take in between those two troublemakers, don’t you? Odessa and Bryce are present—just more of the “supporting cast members” at this point. And Odessa became my personification of “home” for both Nic and Moira, so I thought it appropriate that she was a bit more in the background.…

Q: What motivated you to write about prodigals?

A: I think we’re all prodigals, in some fashion. After college, I had my own prodigal experience, during which I was actually bartending on Sundays instead of doing anything that my God would be proud of. I grew deeply depressed, had a come-to-Jesus experience, and left for the Holy Land. Literally. I went from bartending to Jerusalem, to visit my cousin who was studying the life journeys of Paul. After a few weeks in Israel and Egypt, I returned home—physically and spiritually. And went to work in an industry that had helped call me home— Christian music and books.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: I’m about to dive into a teen time-travel series, which will take me back to a time period I love—medieval Italy. Or perhaps Renaissance Italy. I haven’t quite decided on the year. But I was moved by the passion I saw among teen girls reading the Twilight series, and since I have a teen and tween, I wanted to write something for them. I long for them to read about heroines they can emulate—and heroes that would die trying to save them (not battling against the desire to take their lives as the vampire heroes do in Twilight). So this River of Time series is my attempt to cover those bases.

Q: What about on the home front?

A: We’re currently considering a year away as a family. We’re passionate about travel and after I finish the River of Time series, I’m scheduled to begin a series based on characters taking the Grand Tour of Europe. We’re wondering if we should take our own Grand Tour … we’ll see! Lots of unanswered questions on that front, but we’re leaning pretty hard in that direction. It’s exciting to dream about, even if it never comes to fruition.

Q: Anything else you want to say to readers? Where can they find out more about you?

A: The best places are my Web sites: and I really appreciate my readers and love to hear from them. They can email me at I also have eNewsletters on both sites that people can subscribe to, that will give you the lowdown each month. Lastly, I’m on Facebook and Twitter as @LisaTBergren and @TheWorldCalls. Connect with me via any of those portals—I’ll look forward to it!

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