Friday, April 16, 2010

Fifty Pets You (Hope) To Meet in Heaven

Here are fifty pets that author Renee Riva hopes to meet in Heaven - which pets do you want to see again in Heaven?

Tinkerbelle, the cat
A gazillion pollywogs
Goldie the goldfish, who died on Easter and did not rise, as I prayed
during Easter Mass
Bony and Claude, the turtles
Chumley, the collie-shepherd (aka Sailor’s mascot)
Luigi, the other collie-shepherd
Mouse rescued from Dorie’s cat, who lived in my tree fort in a Tarzan
lunch pail
Abigail, the albino hamster living in secret in my closet
Pugsly, the hamster I had Dorie give me for my birthday
Moonie, my Clydesdale draft horse
Maynard, the cat who had five kittens (who we thought was a boy
till then)
Rudy, the hamster who I ran away with because my mom said he had
to live in the garage
Stray kitten found on our family trip to Hawaii
After leaving home:
The Kid, rescue dog from visiting the dog pound
Sandy, rescue dog from visiting the dog pound
Loser, rescue cat from visiting the pound
Alfie, rescue dog from visiting the dog pound
Birdie, rescue dog from visiting the dog pound
Misha, the mouse
Peanut Butter, the hamster
Jelly, the hamster
Teddy Bear, the hamster
On the farm:
Peach, the half-blind chicken
Butterscotch, the friendly chicken
Elvis, the banty chicken
Mr. and Mrs. White (ducks)
Mama, banty hen who raised a dozen turkey babies
Millie, the cat
Max, the cat
Twig, the stray cat found in a tree
Fred, the cat
Bear, the Great White Pyrenees
Jesse, the other Great White Pyrenees
Curley, the cow
Duke, the horse
Bargain, the rat
Kitty, the stray
Bailey, the abandoned chow with five puppies
Max, pound puppy
Baby Bear, the European black bear hamster
Tiny Tim, the itty-bitty baby dwarf hamster
Frosty, the Chinese dwarf hamster with the one-hundred-seventyfive-
dollar vet bill
Buster, the baby turtle

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