Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Discussion Questions for "Sing"

1. Do you think that God answers our pleas at times with thoughts we don’t recognize as guidance? Why, or why not? Have you experienced this?

2. Consider how you might have felt toward Reid, were you a character in this novel? Is it ever right or justified to wish pain, or even death, upon another? Why, or why not?

3. Scripture encourages us to sing God’s praise, every day, regardless of circumstance. Do you think we must praise Him, even when things are bad? Why or why not? How do you tend to
react when faced by adversity?

4. What lessons do you feel Odessa and Bryce were learning in their marriage?

5. Have you experienced division in your marriage? Have you ever thought you were on the brink of separation or divorce? If so, what brought you back together?

6. What should someone do when faced with the temptations Odessa and Robert faced? Do you feel it was right or wrong for Odessa not to tell her husband of his brother’s advances? Why?

7. All three siblings are seeking something. What do you think each one really is hungering for?

8. Manuel told Nic of his need for God—has anyone ever done the same with you? What was that like? And if not, how would you respond if someone spoke so plainly to you about your faith?

9. Moira imagines her mother in the room with her, time and time again. Why is that? Who do you think her mother represents?

10. Why do you think Moira fell in love with Gavin? What impact will her scars have on her future?

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